Cats 1st March

I’m smiling – thinking of GP to choose ‘cat’ as prompt when March starts. The yelling soon to start too.
Cats are not very common in Budapest – not seen very much. But I have a cat café close. Very nice! Sometimes I need to pat a cat or dog. Miss so much to not have my own nowadays. It’s just impossible the way I live.

cats amusing
dancing around corners
nine lives

I’m sitting and thinking about cats … and at the same time …watching a ballet at on TV. Beautiful bodies, agile and supple as cats.
How beautiful the natural is!
Also when old I think. How sad when people change their bodies. Really sad. 20170301

Once I wanted to change my nose. Thought it was so big. That was as teenager. When a boy liked me – and I didn’t like him – I turned my profile towards him because I thought with such a nose he cannot like me anymore.
With my first salary I planned to have a surgery. Luckily that didn’t happen. I grew into my nose and now I like it.

B_ live

Talking about cats …I’m very specific about the nose … It must be orange framed dark 😉

Jeppe - Best Cat ever!
Me and my Jeppe.

Skrivpuff: Katt.

8 kommentarer

  1. Det är något visst med husdjur. Intressant att det inte finns så många katter i Budapest. Har man dem inomhus, så de inte märks i stadsbilden, eller har man inte katt alls?

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  2. Nice! Cats are so beautiful and lithe. I thought most cities southward had a lot of cats (like Rome), so it was interesting to know they don’t. And I love a prominent nose, congratulations to keeping it!!

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