A Fountain of Questions

I was in good time. Didn’t forget anything … so far … noticed … I had problem about how to dress for the journey. That’s because I travel with only handbagage and no suitcase to check in. Some things are more important than other. Like my Canon, my Mac and their need. And today also …

in your eyes
a picture of you – exposed
a jiffy childhood

… a pair of high heel boots. Bought in Budapest. My feet are very picky and it’s more difficult and much more expensive to find back home.

After some hundreds of deep quiet sighs I’m finally on the airplane … sitting beside a very handsome young man … with a great inviting smile … and wow …

trigger trembling
viewfinder fighting – target
turn on the music

… now I am in trouble … and a lot of thoughts appear … I turn on my spotify list and shut my eyes … but cannot help glancing now and then at ….

caring arms
dressed in dark charm – feelers
how thrillingly

… now my sister would smile … cause she know … I smile too … and now I think of … coming closer now … sex-gender-harassment …
I know more about harassment towards females … but what about males?

Now I will be clear … right on the point! … but mind … about this there are a lot of ‘if’s …. a whole lot of! … perhaps I should call this entry … The ‘if’ challenge?

Point: I think men’s dark hairy arms are sexy … especially dressed in ‘just enough rolled up white shirt’ … this man had very sexy arms … indeed!
I almost wanted to tell him how sexy arms he had … it was then I turned on my music in my earphones … and got a lot of questions in my mind …

… about when is it sex harassment? Can it be about arms?
If … I say to him … Nice arms you have!
If … I say to him … You have sexy arms!
If … I say to him … Wow I love your sexy arms!

… or does sex harassment has to point gender characteristics … like tits, butts, pussy, cock, dong, penis …

Think I am doing some good work here … broadening debate about men and their sex appeal … for women 😉
I think … men think … their broad shoulders are sexy – but no!

Of course one essential question is … why should I say anything to him … I didn’t of course … !!! … just thinking … wondering how he would react …. think that’s what I am curious about.

How would a man react? …. We know too little about that,  I think. I would certainly have liked to talk about it with the man … talked about reactions and situations, sex and gender … without intention of any doings in that field … but that could be nice too of course …

You know … that I am …  ‘writing my thinking’ … but in this case I also would like  …. ‘talking my thinking’ …

sitting beside
you attractive man – music
my hide-away


Carpe Diem: #1170 fountain.

3 kommentarer

  1. At 70 years of age I still admire the different shapes of humans. Recently as I was with my 16 year old grand daughter I commented on a nice looking young man to her. She was shocked. I said simply, ”I do not consider it a sin to enjoy the view whether it is mountain, valley or a human. All part of creation.” A kind of understanding spread across her face.

    Because of my age I might have said something like, ”Are you lifting weights? My son does and your arms remind me of his.”

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