True and Rich

true and rich
life filled with meetings
so inspiring

Malmö Dansteater -Rehearsal 20170511.
Skånes Dansteater  – ”The feeling of good.” Open Rehearsal 2017-05-11.
The man sitting is a famous Swedish dancer Rolf Hepp (Sk.Dagbl.).

Inspired by Meeting by Lize Bard.

Something very Beautiful

There is something very beautiful with an old couple … growing old together! This is something I have always liked and every time I see a couple like this i feel so much warmth in my heart. I am thinking about old couples – relatives of mine … I really admire men and women who values the lifelong marriage together and find it worth struggling for.

Imagine … growing old together … a life long journey together … so special and so beautiful ❤

This lovely couple is looking at the Opera House in Budapest. I guess they are thinking about special memories connected to happenings in this fantastic building.

A beautiful old couple in Budapest.

The Street Violinist

He is a devoted street musician … and a faithful street picture … he plays his violin … sometimes only for the doves … in Budapest … area Vörösmarty square.

This photo from 4 years ago …
The Street Violinist, Budapest.This photo from today …
The Street Violinist, Budapest.

We have a dream

I went to Lund Art Hall today because I wanted to see the photo exhibition ”We have a dream”. Wonderful photo portraits all of them. Only one I didn’t like and also didn’t understan why it was there. I will tell you in the end of my post about this.

It was strong feelings when reading about these fantastic humans. So strong I couldn’t see and read about all of them so I must go back another day. Actually I often go to the Art Hall.

culture in life
feelings in every cell – strong
soul of human art

Two heroes Yeonmi Park from North Korea …

Yeonmi Park

…and Nadia Murad from Irak

Nadia Murad 

So strong women!
I remember when I first heard about the yazidi women and how they were treated I wrote a poem …

sisters holding hands
were brutally torn apart
the cold knife spoke death

… after reading this.

When I saw Jan Eliasson 2nd in UN I thought he should be changed …. and that Anders Kompass should be there in his place! Anders Kompass did a great thing for the abused children – abused by UN soldiers. Jan E didn’s stand up for Anders K or for the children!
What has Jan Eliasson done except being true to his political party in Sweden!!!!



Waterfall of Questions

I sat on the bench …. like so many other enjoying the sun … leaning my back on the Cathedral wall. Sometimes closing my eye to feel the sun in my face … even stronger … sometimes I watched people passing by … crossing the square … and I saw you …

a middle age couple
though looking older – facing
different ways

… you … the woman … covered up in clothes and veil … looking forward … eyes in walk direction … not at us  … and … your man … beside … looking att us … all the way while walking … watching us … sitting on the bench … in clothes we have chosen ourselves … and with our hair free for the sun and the wind … some with boyfriends … some with girlfriends … and me just alone …

my thoughts
about your thoughts – two
patterns of life requirements

… requirement by yourself, by somebody else or by something else … like culture, religion, or what so ever …

– What were you – veiled woman – thinking? I wondered.
– What did you think about your man looking at … and so interested in us?
Maybe you thought about us as ‘hores’ … I know some do … both men and women … no that is not what I am curious about … giving other people etikettes … that’s low …
I am curious about what you really was thinking … about … our different terms of life styles … the free and the one with many requirements … and having a man obviously interested in other women …

why stand up
for a man interested in other – women
in unveiled eyes

… probably your are … not free … to talk about … what you fell and think …

Life  conditions are so different!

I would never stand with a man … thinking he could tell me … how to live my life!


Street Photography

Daily Prompt: Pattern.

Hot Passion

Some fun ends … and some fun goes on … and most I love … is  … the tango… with you … soon to take place again. I love it! Passion and close bodies!
In control!

determined legs
yours – and mine capturing
your insistent moves

You will also give classes this week. So many dancers will be there. Me too – though shooting. Oh how I have looked forward to this. Only once before I have been to the dance studio to shoot photos. Now I will again. Soon!

I like to say to everybody – go and take classes in tango!

like a flower
bursting out promising – spring
for hot passion

And then comes the summer … best of all … best of everything … now ahead … soon …

Tango Passion