Min födelsedag idag

Den 14 juni 2020

Öresundsbron spelar en stor roll för kontakten med kontinenten och Europa. En bro är också en fin symbol. Den överbryggar och kontaktskapar.
Idag var vi vid Öresundsbron för jag ville fotografera.
Jag spelade också en roll idag och fick stå lite i centrum.
Blev hyllad och bortskämd.
Min dag blev helt enkelt toppen och den spelar en stor roll i mitt liv.


Skrivpuff: Roll.

Ihållande Vågskvalp

ihållande vågskvalp
när vilsna tankar formats till poesi
nyss kurat över ord

The Danube, Buda Castle and the Chain Bridge.

Ps. Underbart ljumma vindar var det. Jag har längtat så efter sol, blå himmel och värme. I övermorgon blir det fullt ös och frossa i det efterlängtade.

Skrivpuff: Kurat.


Piece by Piece

Wish I were more capable just now. No sleep last night. Had the flow when making some things – writings and …

bridge in mist
the troubled souls walk over
mine cleared

… thinkings and drawings … how lucky I am. To have that terrific flow I mean 😉
And I like my haiku – it contains different meanings – what about last line 😉

Well I remembered today to visit the Geisha exhibition and it was very interesting. I’m glad I did. Despite the depressing grey weather and unsafe walking in snowy streets. But the Chain Bridge looks great in any weather. That’s for sure!

maybe a favorit
there are some treasures in mind
worth saving
while memories fade away
piece by piece

Some moody weather, isn’t it? The Parliament almost vanished behind the Chain Bridge.

Chain Bridge in mist and ice in the Danube.

Daily Prompt: Capable.

There is a song ”Piece by Piece” with Katie Melua – a beautiful one. She is really good! Men min favorit är ”The closest thing to Crazy”.

Budapest and the Chain Bridge - Uniting Buda and Pest

Bridges that Unite

You love the mountains. I love the sea. Both love adventures in the promising horizon. Both love to be part in each other’s worlds. Togetherness in sharing. Apartness in longing.

”When the sky touches the earth there is true love” our kisses whisper to the stars.

a single star
hit by the whispering kisses
fell down
true love secured
receipt from the sky

Close together – on the savory rocky beach or in the fragrant highland meadow – there always are stars in the sky. And bridges that unite.

Sometimes I am not initially fully aware about what my thinking and words create. Seems like my inner mind – my subconscious – also is working but I don’t realize it until afterwards – like here in this post. It is so united everything. I make upp the story about he and she. With no thinking about Budapest. As no sea and no mountains. And then i fits perfect with Buda’s hilly side and Pest’s flatland. And on top of the cake – the statue 😉

It’s not the first time this happens. 

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.” Nicholas Sparks

This piece of art on Gellert Hills shows Buda (king) and Pest (queen) uniting – Budapest.

Budapest - Uniting Buda and Pest
Carpe Diem #1112 Music For
The Royal Fireworks by Händel.

Budapest in Panorama

Start shooting

It’s impossible to mope when visiting Budapest. Even if your friend is dedicated to photography. I can understand it’s boring sometimes. Stopping all the time to shoot photos when you just want to walk and chat – being together. S/he is never 100 % with you.
My advice:

-Start shooting you too!

-Go to Budapest!

Daily prompt: Mope.
Daily Post: Resilient.

“He knew me in all the ways that truly mattered: the shape of my fears, the contours of my dreams.” Justina Chen

Budapest in my Heart

Bewitching Evening

Walking my lonely evening walk among all these people. Feeling the festive air of the city I’m so in love with. All these beauty – and I do not mean things – I mean the feelings it gives – to me. Three poems popped up in my head.

three bottles
a day kept Christmas away
creativity orgie

Ha ha … sometimes I’m so funny to be with! I smiled to everybody in the street and a Japanese lady first answered with a smile and then looked a bit confused.

the scent
of your strong chest – protecting
beating hearts

Ah … I would like you to be here. Walking along with me. Holding my hand. Enjoying life. Chat, discuss and giggle. And most of all – just being. Feeling the scent of each other in mutual respect for – what so ever. (This popped up just now).

you know
hawks are hunting – but only
in the sky

Now I find myself close to the boarder. The ‘besinged’ Danube. This beautiful place like in a fairytale. The Danube – so fresh and swirling. Had to sit down on a bench. Breath and sigh. Such a wonderful little spot in Universe. Just mine … for now …

clouds dancing
shadows on the castle facade
thrillingly me

How can you resist …

Carpe Diem: #1108 – Promise.

I don’t usually shoot this kind of selfies – everybody else do – bewitching evening probably 😉

How can you resist!?

Heading for Budapest

Budapest – Retreat in my Heart

Finding myself in the place.
Perfectly right space.
After testing so many ways.

At last peace in my mind.
This gem so happy to find.
No longer lost and blind.

Life gets a new fresh start.
I’m thankful to be so smart.
Budapest – retreat – in my heart.

Chain Bridge and Buda castle, Budapest The Chain Bridge over Danube – between Pest and Buda – and Buda Castle.

Daily Prompt: Retreat.

BW - View Chain Bridge and Parliament, Budapest

To cheat – put on a veil and hide

Suddenly I became
very tired.
The truth is
I am so fed up
with the veil
issue –
how it is
From France, around the world
to Sweden.
The quality of the
debate is sadly low.
The satiric humor
is always a release.

To cheat is a kind of –
put on a veil
and hide

Daily prompt: Cheat.


I’m still dancing

Daily Prompt: Purpose.

a short moment
on a journey
in life
I met you

that short moment
you made my body
a bright new dance

the purpose
with moments
like meeting you
in my new life

I’m still dancing


Lomma & Öresundsbron

Jag är ett steg före – alltid

Skrivpuff: Steg.

Jag gillar att ta steg
det får gärna vara motstånd
bara det är steg
Jag gillar inte
att stå kvar
eller stilla
Jag gillar inte heller
att ta steg tillbaka
Framåt gäller
motstånd är inget problem
bara en lockande
Nästa steg
var nyss …

Jag är ett steg
alltid …