Daily Prompt

BW - Fish pedicure

Jag bara undrar

Med tankar som flyger
och plötsligt griper tag
den sköna stunden vänder
ögon som tåras
nyss en mysig konversation
nu ett sorgligt konstaterande
tårar tränger på
hur kom det sig egentligen
när vände det
vill inga tårar få
för en så’n sak
men varför slutade jag
att skämma bort mig?

Skrivpuff: Svar.

BW - Fish pedicure

Daily Prompt: Disrupt.

Just wondering.

With thoughts flying
and suddenly grabbed
the beautiful moment turns
eyes filled by tears
just a cozy conversation
now a sad statement
tears running
how did it actually come
when did it turn
do not want any tears
for such a thing
but why did I quit
to spoil myself?



The God Profile

We are two different kinds when it comes to God.

The fantasy one and the reality one.

The Fantasy Ones think about God as an existing profile with power beyond everything. The Fantasy one’s God is a Fake God. Like fake profiles on Internet.
I know – my words can seem hard – but never the less true. Sometimes truth is heartbreaking.

The Reality Ones think about God as the rich value in nature and that power which comes out of yourself. That power evolution shows. You yourself – like a flower or a bug – hold power. It’s all about reason and so far known facts. It’s about yourself in our world without made-ups.
Maybe we have two kinds of Reality Ones too. The Real/Concrete Reality Ones and the Philosophy Reality Ones. Philosophers are so important in their way of testing thoughts about life. Thoughts going well with reason and science.

Humans have produced Gods in every time – we still have theism in religions. It’s really odd in our time! Really!

It’s all about needs – your needs and my needs – the need of a fantasy world or ability to accept the reality world.

World is cruel anyway.

Now to the picture – really a challenge … I name it:

”Struggling with the world inside yourself.”

Crazy Art by me - Struggling with the World inside You.

Daily prompt: Assay.