MACRO - Sucking life

Lisen – The diagnosed dreamer


Lisen is a fun and experienced middle-aged woman. She is married and have two children. The children have their own families and are fully occupied. They don’t seem to have time for their mum. Or they don’t take much time to keep connection. The husband is also occupied. Mostly with conferences, meetings, traveling in work and beside all that he is mostly tired.

Lisen has just taken a step into a new ”time of her life”. She is so excited about how it will turn out. She decided to do her best to be openminded and take chances. Not to be stupidly shy or a coward.
-Life is here and now! she tells herself.
-And my family doesn’t know me anyway, Lisen states.

She wants more than that kind of life with her family. Soon – in a few years – she is to be senior and she is looking forward to that.

Lisen is a dreamer and she reflects on anything that comes in her way. She just let her thoughts come as they want and appear.
Sometimes she says to herself:
-You are crazy Lisen! It’s only people with some kind of diagnoses who can be that frank!
-Well, then I have a diagnose, so what!

Lisen is – like her family – occupied! But she is with her entertaining thoughts and she likes it!

Skrivpuff: Nuet.

Crazy Art by me - Sucking the best of life

4 kommentarer

  1. Så skönt att Lisen äntligen lever ut! Känns som något som många av oss äldre gör idag. Vi skaffar oss själva ett liv till på gamla da’r.

    Roligt att läsa en berättelse på engelska.

    Gillad av 1 person


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