Day: 2016-08-29

The Falconer's Hawk

Some days

Some days are great.
Some days are …
not so great!

A great day
is a day
with lots of
quality photos.

Today wasn’t
a great day
so I’m so sad!

And disappointed!

Some days …!!!

The best from today …

Street Photography - The falconer Péter, Szabina and the hawk Ulf

… and Mark I sure wanted I could make you justice – you were great!
I was not good-enough in the circumstances with light and so on …
Sadly, I had the wrong lens for this moment.
So sorry! But you were just awesome with your bike!!!

Street Photography - Mark, The Biker

Street ART

Expert on experts

I think one can be expert
on anything
for a while
until someone else
takes over
when subject
has grown larger
deeper and more
I know I am an expert
on or in something,
I think.
I wonder if there can be
an expert on experts.

Daily Prompt: Expert.