Day: 2016-02-14

Looking for secrets

Carpe Diem Special #197.
Hamish’s third “Forest Walks, a winter kikobun”.

My uncle’s hand was holding my little hand. It was early morning and we were going to visit the forest world. As we often did.
My uncle was a man with a fantastic fantasy. He could tell stories, write articles about history and legends, he knew about the wolf pits, he could play any instrument even the saw. He was very smart and I loved being with him. He told me about all the trolls living in his forest. Daytimes they were the stones covered with moss – he pointed and showed me. I was fascinated.
His forest was the most beautiful I knew and he cared a lot about it. Mighty spruce and fir. He cared about and showed great respect to every living beings. Best schooling ever for a little girl like me – loving animals.
I often helped him with debarking the timber.

heavy steps forward
trees are whispering loudly
looking for secrets

We did our story walks until we heard my aunt’s voice singing a special very high tone – like opera – and we knew it was time for lunch.

Henning, Annalisa och jag

The picture is from my uncle’s forest deep in Småland, south Sweden.


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