Day: 2016-02-13

Crazy Art by me - Girltalk

Crazy Art – Girl Talks

a very quiet day
filled with creative crazyness
neverending girltalks

Crazy Art by blogfia - Girltalk About my Crazy Art:
I have a skiss – I can make it special one for you – you can order ….
…. sometime …. I will arrange an exhibition …. or take part in one …. maybe …. 

Crazy Art – Girl Talks was originally published on PHOTO – POETRY – CRAZY ART

Time for a Moment

Skrivpuff: Lång tid.

Tiden är som ett
När man väntar på
dagen D
är den lång som ett
När man är förälskad
är den kort som en
Bandet dras ut
lite längre
ännu lite längre
Det går av!

Tiden är en sinuskurva
den segar sig
upp och ner
upp och ner
upp och ner
Ögonblicket är kort
de stack tvärs

Crazy Art by blogfia - Time for a Moment

Time for a Moment was originally published on PHOTO – POETRY – CRAZY ART

Maybe and Perhaps

Daily Prompt: Never Again.
Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” Tell us about it.

some things
my brain forgets
this is the kind
maybe and
it also brought
some experience
worth to

Crazy Art by blogfia - Brain Key 3

Maybe and Perhaps was originally published on PHOTO – POETRY – CRAZY ART

Crazy Art by me - Climbing and footsteps

Climbing Life in Every Direction

Carpe Diem #917 direction.

south north west and east
like the common compass
directions in world
I like aboriginal more
four plus up-down-in-outwards

up to touch the sky
in- and outwards for you and me
down to stay on earth
feeling life without fences
living every direction

Not very good ones! I have to improve and try a bit more poetic :)
Come on Birgitta!

footprints of the sea
running grass symphonies
a frog jumped across

wind is blowing strong
a damaged leaf lost it’s way
a pine cone fell down

Crazy Art by blogfia - Climbing life

Climbing Life in Every Direction was originally published on PHOTO – POETRY – CRAZY ART