Heaven and Earth

A new future – it works well with my release. I have not forgotten that I promised where in the world I would like to go and live …. if …
I like dreaming – but not in pink clouds – it must have a touch of reality – perhaps imagine is a better word than dreaming? Or … I like to picture?
I like to imagine … how it would like … if … I even like the word ‘if’ …

if imagine
picturing that far away – new life
said and done – aborigines
sharing heaven and earth

I find the greeting ‘namasté’ beautiful and humble. It works very well without a God. We are one and equal. Sun and Moon. Heaven and Earth.
Humble and powerful at the same time. Neither subservient or superior.

that haka
filled with spiritual power
that namasté so humble
like a fire in the calm sea bay

Did you notice I gave a clue? Do you know about haka?

We are coming closer. But it’s so far away. A beautiful country with exciting nature. And also so interesting people. And all that special kind of tattoos. Telling a story and so personal done. It’s not like here where you go to the tattoo artist and say you want a tiger on your arm. There the tattoo says something spiritual and special about that specific person.
So when I go to New Zealand I must get to know an aborigine tattoo artist … and very well … and then hopefully … he will give me … my special tattoo.
I will probably live on the North Island and in or close to maori area.

Why New Zealand?

I just find it so immensely interesting.

Imagine a really nice kind of living in nice climate and with inexhaustible opportunities for discovery and adventure. Hopefully its not expensive to live there.

Welcome to immigration New Zealand. New Zealand Government. Facts about New Zealand. New Zealand people.

off and away
imagine the spiritual way – in
namasté athmosphere

A New Dawn

mountain top – mirroring
the sea bouncing in itself
like a tattoo

New Zealand - My Dream Country.

Carpe Diem Namasté, the spiritual way
#1 Introduction to a new feature.

Loving to Love and Live

Beautiful HAIKU by ©Chèvrefeuille

ancient warriors
between battle and peace
writing haiku         

Warriors – how odd it can be – are symbols of opposites – bad and good – death and life – force and romance – …
Samurais are warriors – I wonder if they are associated with romance in the Japanese litteratur?

I have often wondered why women – some – are attracted to bad warriors. Once I wrote a letter to a man in prison. I knew who he was and I felt sorry for him. I don’t remember what he had done but it wasn’t anything like murder. There are many women writing to men in prisons – often they don’t know them. Why? Many women fall in love with gang members. Brutal men. Why?
Why don’t they set limits for behavior and actions!? I did when I was young.

the warrior
in true life of living – takes
action for love

Now maybe you think I have left my limits behind?
Some of them I have … some of them were to restrictive … some are still convenient.
I have let myself free – much more free than I was when young. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

my warrior
in possession of – a heart
I can read
clearly – the gentle kindness
about loving to – love and live

Imagine … if all soldiers and warriors … were fighting for more kindness and mor genuin love … fighting for …

… more of … Loving to Love and Live …


I tried to translate Lars Winnebäcks ”No Soldier” to English … this is the most beautiful peace song ever written … I think. Here is his song and my translation.

Carpe Diem: #1144 Samurai.

Calling for Change

When I read … or when doing my walk-abouts … I often get a lot of pictures in my head. Sometimes also haiku is popping up … sometimes in a frequency faster than I hardly can handle … I like this so much! It’s entertaining … my imagination is living a lively life …

Now I am reading this interesting about Tokyo – Edo … and my thoughts go to Orkney … that summer when we traveled around in north Scotland and also Orkney …
Orkney with it’s ancient interesting history and that Orkney with so powerful nature and strong sea … That strong sea there … made me wish …

calling old island
wanting to catch – the power of
moving mountains

… yes I think it sounds crazy … but however … I would like to live (safely) through one winter … in an old cottage … with a warming fire place … and windows with views … to see the furious sea moving these giant boulders …
Like living in ‘the power of nature’ … I would write that winter … and probably draw pictures too.

Oh these interesting islands … Japan … Orkney … Gotland in Sweden … and you guessed Galapagos, Tahiti … or did you mean Haiti? … so far away …
… yes so far away … where to I am dreaming about … and you are trying to figure out … there you find a mix of nature … the power of nature … the beauty of nature … its peoples creativity … and something more … I find important … for mind and living …

A completely change from now.

Would you like to … have the guts to … completely … change your life?

one life – a seed
among all the other – how
grow well together
one option – living by/in nature
slowly erasing – the other

I always strive to make – my HAIKU and my TANKA – with more than one possible interpretations.

On our Scotland journey my youngest daughter wrote a story about ”Oban”. While I – as always – on travel  … made up my life if living ”here” …

Shooting Old Church on Orkney.

In old church, Orkney.

Carpe Diem #1143 Edo, ancient Tokyo.

All Winds – In Right Time

I picked two of my Tarot cards. The cards I got from my youngest daughter. About Goddesses. I wrote about them in the beginning of this pilgrimage.
Well now … thinking about ”arriving at the right moment” …. thinking more … cannot remind me any wrong moments arrival … so … in my mind … I arrive in the right moment … or if not … I probably make it right …

The Goddess of Sea and The Goddess of Love – were my two cards for today. Now I think about being The Eternal Minister of All Winds in The Royal Republic of Ladonia. All these titels arriving in my mind … maybe the right moment … or not … Do you know about Ladonia?

All Winds Ministry’s – declaration:

-“All Winds” is the predecessor to free movement everywhere and encourages all types of boundless movement – forward, backward, upward, downward, inward, outward, beyond, within, around, pirouettes, minuets, jumps, leaps and pas de deux. All Winds demonstrates how space is gained and free movement defended.-

… now … how to tie all together …

on pilgrimage
walking side by side with love
in all winds
from everywhere in right moment
touched by the sea and so trustful

… hope you enjoyed this odd read and I assure you – you arrived just in time – the right time!

Tarot Cards for Today - Goddesses of Sea and Love.

Carpe Diem: #1140 arriving at the right moment.

Most Best

Listening – so important! Not only the listening to other people which indeed is essential in communication. But also to your inner voice. This I have been very good at lately – but wasn’t before. Before I listened to everybody else’s inner (mostly not expressed in words) voices. That was then. While working. Now is ”after work” and I like that so much. Every age has been exciting and I have always liked the age I’m in. I love my grey hair and like it to shine just as much as when it was blond.
Back to ”listening” … I seem to flood outside subject …. and I seem to focus a lot about myself … perhaps it’s ok when on a pilgrimage … is it?
… so back to listening …

in wind’s melody
I can see all the flowers – dancing
to the voice of nature
the carol I feel – I am
most best listening to

… you know … I am an ”observer” … and I am … what Susan Cain call ”Quiet” … and above that – like spicing it up – I am very curious …
I am very busy being me … on my pilgrimage … and 24 hours ”After Work” … and I like it!
I ❤ it!

Ps. Sometimes I choose the wrong word. Like ‘quite’ in stead of ‘quiet’ …  it’s all about spelling … that English!

Crazy Art by me - Swinging my Life

Swinging while Listening.


Observing while Listening.

Carpe Diem: #1139 Listening.

Worldly Hospitality

That’s a perfect word today when US president declare NO hospitality for some people in our world. Boundaries are pushed from a human moral perspective. One thing is the politics and another the personality. The person behind. Expressions and behavior. Human behavior – peoples behavior – is there anything more interesting!?

like hydrogen
united with oxygen – traveling
in all conditions
prerequisites for humans
ought to function fully

Due to the destructive forces existing in our world – borders of course need to be controlled. A sad reality.

Theresa May and Donald Trump had a meeting. It went well as far as I know – politically. Every time DT opens his mouth …. I think …
-What kind of man is this person?

In front of the world – after their meeting …
‘He said that when he meet a new person he quickly knows if he likes the person or not. He liked TM.’ Gosh!
Talking like this at the press conference in front of the world. Politics reduced to feelings. Thinking about our three brains – three levels – for being and reacting. I haven’t – so far – heard this man even coming close the sense level. He behave more like a blunt and overgrown teenager. A president who likes alternative truth and wants media to shut up. He doesn’t give a likable presentation of himself.
What will happen …
I cannot understand the mass of people …

Blue Photo - The Danube & Erzebeth Bridge, Budapest.


Carpe Diem: #1138 Hospitality.

Dream Bridge

I would like to walk over the bridge. Leave behind and enter a different world
and   …

dream bridge
I want to find you – a release
to cross over
into pure nature dancing
drinking life from clear waters

…welcome a new life … because sometimes I get so tired of all that is and how it works. Well – I know – there are no such bridges so I have to make my world the best I can … and I do.

Sunset over Bjärred, Sweden

Carpe Diem: #1137 The Bridge.

Moving in Mind

”The lonely way to find what’s important to find” – I think spontaneously looking att the photo – passing the ones that don’t seek or not know that there is something important to find.

so many feet
passing – lika all my thoughts
moving in mind
this road of many expressions
from outside as well as inside

I imagine that at the same time it’s a journey when walking – it also is a journey for thoughts – handling expressions what you see/meet and what you feel/reflect about.

I imagine it is quite turbulent at times.

Crazy Art by me - The Backpacker

Carpe Diem: #1135 that moment ….

Ctrl Del

I cannot help smiling when reading about ”beyond control” and Chevrefeuille’s problem. Sorry Kristjaan 😉 I’m thinking about when I deleted my first hard-disc about 20 years ago. I went to one of my IT Gurus to get it restored. He said to me:

– Freshly dared half erased! The world will not succumb!

This had a great impact on me. It always can be fixed. Now my son is my Gury. He started to work very young with these technical boys. They also had the first BBS in Sweden (I think in all Scandinavia). We got our first computer an IBM 1980.  That’s when my son started to learn programming – by himself.
Before that it was Fax – when connecting to the world – do you remember?
It’s fun to be part of the early days.

My Mac, my miniPad and my iPhone are very important to me. I must have ”back-ups” of all kinds to secure. But ….

wandering my way
puzzled by life and html
ctrl del
every way or track I enter – want to
find what’s worth learning

… beyond control … I lay back and live life a bit more intensive … and then I take control again. I’m very persistent and solution-focused when I decide to.
One could say – I have learnt by life – lessons – the hard as well as the easy way – and I’m still learning – love to learn ❤

Now I would like to add a quote I read yesterday in Forestbather’s  blog. I think you understand why …. 😉 Hamish I hope you don’t mind?

Quote - Miyamoto Musashi
I try too … but sometimes …. I fail ….

Crazy Art by me - Ctrl Del

Carpe Diem: #1134 beyond control.

Walking with Mosquitos

When I read about the struggle today I was reminded about my walk along Kungsleden in north of Sweden. It was 1968. We started in Abisko and passed our highest mountain Kebnekajse. So beautiful and so interesting. Most of all I remember the people we met. Some happy Austrian men in Tyroler lederhosen – drinking and singing, a bunch of young men we got a lot of fishes when fishing together and had a nice evening grilling and that lovely Danish young couple – they had brought tins with delicious food, crabs and things like that. Heavy to carry. We had army food in our backpack. Typical Danish – they like to enjoy life. I love that. Like ”You only live once”. And finally at Kebnekajse ….

along the road
so many refreshing souls
fresh trout and char
forgetting the struggle
to fully enjoy life

… we spent the night with an old mountain man in a little cabin. With a nice fireplace. He could tell me why my eyes were so swollen. And he gave me a good advice about mosquitos. Mosquitos love me – I hate them. It doesn’t help with garlic! But it helps with tar. I love tar! In summertimes I must have my tar cream – in case of mosquitos in a radius of several (Swedish) miles. It will keep them away.
I remember my uncle used tar (tjära) when a hen was hurt due to hacked in the back.

Tar cream - Tjärsalva - mot Mygg - fight Mosquitos

Carpe Diem: #1132 ‘The wrong answer will indicate the right one.’ (Petrus).

I Promise

I also think everybody do some meditation from time to time. Some need to have guided meditation and some don’t. Some need structure and some don’t.
I think meditation is – I mean – meditation for me is to place myself on a kind of meta-spot above everything that is going on around. It’s like making yourself invisible. I’m fortunate – cause I can do it wherever I am – ‘disappear’ into my own world of thinking – meditating. Close my eyes …
And I like it.

I promise
when hands. heart and thoughts go
for peace in mind
you will like the colors
and no longer see the mist

I heard you talking. I heard about your dreams. I’m sad about the false. That is something that from now on – is ”was”. The most important is ”now” – from now on.
How would you like it to turn out?
Life is now – B i r g i t t a – you owe yourself to make it the best.

”cause – you’re worth it”      😉

Carpe Diem: #1131 meditation.