I might or not

Daily Prompt: Take Care.
When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?

everything depends on
nothing is predicted
either challenge
or be challenged
life is about
making choices
I might
or not

Purple Crossing

My African Prince

Daily Prompt: Third Rate Romance.
Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story.

first I thought
oh no no no!
then I thought
why not?
and I remembered
an evening and
a night
with the African prince
(studying at my University)
met him at a dance
and we enjoyed so much
dancing together
well well well
I went home with him
(so I didn’t have to take the train in the night)
I didn’t sleep in his bed
I slept under his desk
I still remember his name
never seen him since

… but I would like to …

Table for two:

Blue Table for Two

Change Christmas for peace

Carpe Diem Special #186
Georgia’s 2nd ”days of Christmas”(choka).

dark nights and dusk days
stars are bright and sky so black
cold feet are stumping
while the children are wishing
carol songs in air
and Christmas coming closer
handicrafts and food
crowded over filled markets

I’m standing beside
I’m thinking about the world
I’m in the middle

dark and brutal days
scaring black nights of horror
no stars can be seen
heavy feet running away
wishing for safe life
no holiday in sight yet
will there ever be peace

I’m feeling so sad
I’m both inside and outside
Want to change Christmas for peace

Blue Christmas Market, Budapest

My Blue World

Skrivpuff: Tredje meningen på en sida mitt i boken – Canon EOS 6D.
På fliken {camera4} väljer du {Bildstil} och trycker sedan på <set>.

Ja jag gillar att testa.
Man lär sig på vägen,
tänker jag.
då mot en egen
personlig stil
i fotograferandet
Efter en svartvit
stannar jag
i det monochroma
och väljer blå ton
som jag hittar till
men inte i
Åh detta gillar jag!
tänkte jag
Min egen bildstil.
Min värld är blå.
blå blå blå
And I like it!

Ps. Är fortfarande inne i den blå perioden 🙂
Ingen höjdare till skrivpuff men jag är trött
efter Nobelfesten (på iPaden).

St Stephen Cathedral, BudapestSt Stephen Cathedral, Budapest

Facing Reality

Daily Prompt: Life Line.
You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

Are you ready …
to face the reality?
Yes I am.
Well …

first ….
you will meet
some very interesting
people of the world
it’s what you
like most isn’t it
*said with a 😉 *
you will go on being
that strong
you’ve always been
until the end

then ….
you will be told
by your doctor
you have cancer

finally ….
you will decide
to make that trip
to New Zealand
as you always
dreamt about
but …
while over the ocean
the flight will
blow up

-Thanks for your time, I said.
Now I will go out for my daily walk-about with my Canon
to face people and reality.

Ps. It’s not true but it could be.

BR shooting

Working on the Top

her tears fell
after just having left
her friends
the couple
of two souls
they went their way
and she hers
all alone
feeling the sadness
over an ended marriage
after some long time
of years
some tears
then she went on
the yourney
in her own life
not so sad
any longer

Blue Working on the Top