Day: 2016-04-30

Himlatrappan av Gert Wingårdh


Daily Prompt: Stairway.

In Swedish this stairway is called ”Himlatrappan”. I cannot find a really good English word but the closest might be Heavenstairway but that doesn’t give the same feeling of beauty – for me anyway. Perhaps it is because i find the Swedish word Himmel so wonderful and Himla is one of my favorite words. I think it is more connected to the English sky than to heaven. Heaven sounds so religious and I don’t like any kind of religious thoughts/thinking. The sky can be beautiful but the word sky is just an ordinary word.

conquering steps
up and down but mostly up
the way of life stairs

Would celestial be an alternative – Celestial Stairway? What do you think?
Officially they call it Stairway to skies … I think foreign turists ought to learn some Swedish 😉 and say Himlatrappan.

Himlatrappan is of course a piece of Art. You find it in the very south east in Sweden.
The artist is Gert Wingårdh.