Heart is sacred

Carpe Diem #642, Sacred Rope (Shimekazari).
Kigo is that little Japanese word used by haijin (haiku poets) to fix or identify  a season in their poem.  There are more than 500 seasonal words that can be used.

remove strangle
rule the rope for freedom
heart is sacred

sacred rope
like upside down horse shoe
rest confidently


7 kommentarer

  1. Sacred hearts and sacred ropes both play important roles in this world. We may not understand them, but that hardly matters. They have a job to do, and they do it!

    Ordinary Rope


  2. The Sacred Rope I prefer before the horse shoe, but … as you said you have to seen to much thrillers lately than I can understand why you have chosen for the horse shoe to respond on ”sacred rope”.



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