Butterfly jailed in the shadow

Locked up minds

Sometimes …
I don’t understand people
when they are messing up
when they hate
when they hurt
when they destroy
when they don’t care
when they behave badly

against other people

I get confused and
I cannot understand
some people!

They must live there minds
in another world!

Locked up minds
in a way ….

Daily prompt: Confused.

PhotoMania - Behind the fence

Illa hanterad av omgivningen

Skrivpuff: Avslöja.

Nu hade han vandrat runt i flera timmar. Hans inre var i en enda röra. Likaså hans yttre. Stanken som trängde in i näsan kändes som en illa urtvättad disktrasa. Det var nog det han var. En disktrasa. Illa hanterad av omgivningen. Undanslängd efter utnyttjandet. En disktrasa utan minsta omsorg. En förbrukningsvara.
Han visste inte längre vart hans steg skulle ta honom. Det enda han visste var att nu skulle han avslöja sin hemlighet. Bli fri.
Han passerade genom grinden och stegen blev snabbare.


Children’s conditions are most important

Daily Prompt: Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star
When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you now? Are the two connected?

As very young girl
playing boy’s games
passing every year at school
to be a medical doctor
working in Africa
with children
children’s conditions
are most important
probably I hade worked
as ”Medecines sans frontieres”

-if not …
while in University
I changed my mind
became a teacher
a Specialist Teacher
a Master of Science
still thinking
children’s conditions
are most important

-finally finished …
my working years
as lecturer at the university
for teachers to be
still thinking
children’s conditions
are most important

-to start my new life
free to do anything I like
write what I like
and shooting every day life
right into my blogs
here and there
all around
still thinking
children’s conditions
are most important

Blue Children's conditions are the most important!