Olycksaligt Undantag

ett ensamt gammalt liv
minnesrikt och påfyllt med nya upplevelser
satt på olycksaligt undantag

Blue Mushroom Still Standing

Ps. Tänker på många gamlas situation i dagens Sverige – förr sattes de på undantag … och nu med kan jag tycka

Skrivpuff: Undantag.

The Snail Walk

awakened in early light
your breath beside – a soft breeze
dove purring in delight

Today is the World Poetry Day … so I have been busy … though tired … and I don’t know why. Didn’t go to the Philosophy Cirkel tonight but I bought a ticket for my eldest grandchild so we will go together to Budapest soon. I’m so looking forward this.

engine of energy
starting the dolphins jump
soon followed
the solitary swimming
always leads to company

In the morning breeze … it starts …

in silent content
morning breeze starts
with a sigh in end

… and I remembered my haiku about the snail … that popped up before sleep … and … was still there … in the morning …

a lovely breeze
carried along the night
by my dream

… my snail haiku …

The Snail Walk Poetry - 21st March 2017.

Carpe Diem #1177 Theme Week Hafiz (3)
morning breeze.

My Love!

standing strong
in full bloom dressed purple
my heart bow

My feelings for nature and reading the post … the haiku was strong and wanted to be presented first. And I just follow my feelings and instincts …

the squirrel
grabs the fir cone in delight
a pulse of love

There are so many kinds of love in nature … a richness … a generosity … sharing … cykling … consensus … collusion … movements …. I will call it pulse.

(sometimes its difficult for me to find the right words, I’m sorry for that, I so wish my English was better)

The pulse of nature … the pulse in nature … the pulse out of nature …the pulse of grows and evolution in nature … that extraordinary energy and power … the pulse … only nature possesses …

osprey wings shiver
when ocean depth roar desperately
bay lost again
nature sometimes takes away
for new to soon be welcomed

… and I am just an observer … but also a part … which goes with a responsibility … for all of us.

my deepest love
for that mighty creativity
only in nature
when meeting the you
only to pulse together

… could be read … ‘my love’ … instead of … ‘the you’ …

My love!



Carpe Diem #1176 Theme Week Hafiz (2) lover.