Peter Spjufs Bibel - Rudenius släktbibel

Holy wings

ancient wings
bringing the roots back
for safe hearts

Carpe Diem: The Holy Bible.

More holy to me is my family and my roots. I have done a lot of genealogy. I can go back to early 16oo. It is so interesting.
My father’s mother‘s father’s father  – Peter Spjuf – bought this Bible 1849. He was a soldier and married Elin 1833 … and her farm since in my part of Sweden the daughters also inherited equal as sons (different from the rest of Sweden at that time).


6 kommentarer

    1. Oh how interesting! Do you know anything about your relatives in Sweden? Have you been to Jönköping? I have many relatives in US both on my mother’s and father’s side. This I will dig more about in the future.

      1. No, I have not researched. His niece has done some research but I am not sure how much. She has the family bible that is in Swedish. We hope to visit the area in a year or so depending on my husband’s health.


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