Dag: 2015-04-27

#haiku – Blessing

Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #45, The Beatitudes.

Two nights before the earthquake in Nepal I dreamt there was one close to me. A long crack about 40 cm wide appeared and I was so amazed. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. No one was hurt in my dream.
I feel so sorry for the people in Nepal – for the children losing parents. It’s so sad. I’m glad I am part of a generous country. Sweden has sent people, search dogs, food and other kinds of help. The Swedish people always send their money when disasters strike in different parts of the world.

IM – is an organisation I like a lot.

This haiku challenge is the hardest ever – for me.

blessing every child
while young ones rebuild the world
no more rejections


Sjuk eller skoj

Skrivpuff: Avundas.

Man kan avundas
på riktigt
på skoj.

Att avundas på skoj
är detsamma som att
vara glad för
någon annans skull.

Att avundas på riktigt
är en sjuka där
man missunnar
en annan
bara för att
man själv inte
har detsamma.

Den som avundas på skoj kan avundas av många.
Den som avundas på riktigt missar det skojiga i livet.


#haiku – Thunderclap

Carpe Diem Special #144, Kala Ramesh’s fifth haiku ”thunderclap”.
I had to look up ”thunderclap” – Think of it as an ”online flash mob”.

star children in life
slipping fast down the rainbow
all girls jump with boys