Day: 2017-04-22

Jag är Nyfiken Blå!

Det finns många olika drivkrafter. Onda och goda. Sunda och … ja mindre sunda … En av de mest kreativa …

fika efter
så den aldrig stillas – alltid

… och släpp den fri!
Den mest kreativa … drivkraften … ja just nyfikenheten.

Alla frågvisa barn borde få medalj!
Alla som hindrar barns frågor borde buras in – för upplysning!
Jag är nyfiken blå!

Crazy Art by me - Stilla aldrig Nyfikenheten!

Daily prompt: Nyfikenhet.

Castle Hill

Today was a free day! No events to attend … but … I had to buy more goat cheese and I have my favorit market so off I went …
What a windy day! Where to find a calm sunny place to sit and read my book? I decided that west side on Buda Hills should be perfect. Off I went …
It’s really fantastic for European seniors to go free on public transportations in Budapest. I do and I also walk a lot.
It was really crowded of turists today … like most days in Budapest. Mostly Chinese and Japanese at Fisherman’s Bastion I noticed. They are so cool when taking photos and selfies.
I found my place for a cosy reading. Just a perfect spot and luckily with a bench. I know my Budapest well now. There always is a spot for every weather or mood … and of course a lot of cultural events. Tomorrow I will got to The Liszt Academy for a concert.

on fallen cherry petals
under flowering chestnut trees
I read words of Oates

Petals of Cherry Blossom fallen down.Flowering Chestnut tree
Ps. I’m reading Joyce Carol Oates – Karthago.