DEPO dancers, Budapest

So – I love Culture!

Culture – to me –
is …

Human creativity
which has the right energy
to make people come closer
to each other
and experience that more unites
than devides us.

I love creativity and I love
when it reaches outside
traditional bounds.

I love when different
kinds of arts and
performance arts
work together.

I love and enjoy culture
like a kind of essential
liquor of loving life
and I get shivers
down my spine

Daily Prompt: Culture.

Maurice Béjart & Queen
Ballet ❤ Rock

Sting (Rock Guitarist) & Classic ballet & Bach

Isn’t it beautiful!?

One of my favorites from SYTYCD – ”The But dance” – Randi and Evan in Mia Michaels choreography.
So creative and also funny! Love it!

As you understan … I love dance and music …. almost all kinds … classic, rock, contemporary ….


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