Kikobun – Love letter

Carpe Diem Ghost Writer #40 ”Kikobun” by Hamish Managua Gunn.

Haibun & Kikobun – reseskildringar i prosa med insprängda haiku. Den senare med naturskildringar.

My bag is packed. Essential 2 P-s as well. The 3rd P I don’t need any more 😉 What? You don’t know about the P-s!
Well here is some Swedish: Pengar & Pass (money & passport and 3rd is P-pills). Journey starts now.

door opens to world
crispy white snow tells my track
bus to airport

Crossing the landscape in south Sweden. Large fields. Farm houses. Some horses dressed in coats. Here and there. Lots of horses in fact. Not so many forests. The ponds are frozen and the birds are hungry.
Passing one, two, three roundabouts.

slippery roads
driver keeps focus on drivers
cars in hurry sucks

Security is thorough and safe. And really exhaustive. Longing for boarding. Longing for flying above the clouds. Closer to the sun. Like a hawk keep eyes on landscape. Waiting for the mighty Danube to turn up. Danube knee the famous bend and lovely Szentendre nearby.
Next pearl is the most beautiful city in Europe – Budapest. The city of ARTS in every kind. I just love Budapest!


Buda hills Pest side
Danube links Buda and Pest
art and nature in love

I close my eyes today and open them tomorrow.
Like a dream – I will fly away ….
Budapest next.


15 kommentarer

  1. I have never been to this part of the world – you make it sound really exciting and romantic – perhaps I will visit some day.

  2. Nice travels, brings memories, nice ones for me. I too like Budapest. We drove along the hill tops west of the river (Pest??) watching the lights across, that was a nice experience you might try.
    Come walk with me along the Thames (in urbanized London).


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