Castle Hill

Today was a free day! No events to attend … but … I had to buy more goat cheese and I have my favorit market so off I went …
What a windy day! Where to find a calm sunny place to sit and read my book? I decided that west side on Buda Hills should be perfect. Off I went …
It’s really fantastic for European seniors to go free on public transportations in Budapest. I do and I also walk a lot.
It was really crowded of turists today … like most days in Budapest. Mostly Chinese and Japanese at Fisherman’s Bastion I noticed. They are so cool when taking photos and selfies.
I found my place for a cosy reading. Just a perfect spot and luckily with a bench. I know my Budapest well now. There always is a spot for every weather or mood … and of course a lot of cultural events. Tomorrow I will got to The Liszt Academy for a concert.

on fallen cherry petals
under flowering chestnut trees
I read words of Oates

Petals of Cherry Blossom fallen down.Flowering Chestnut tree
Ps. I’m reading Joyce Carol Oates – Karthago.


Snarky Puppy at MÜPA


Tonight’s event at MÜPA in Budapest … delightful music … great musicians … I especially liked the drummer man …. but they were all fantastic and every one had his own solo during the night …

The band is called Snarky Puppy and tonight they were 8 in the band. They are 25 rotating. Just arrived in Budapest from Japan this morning.

Event - Snarky Puppy at MÜPA, Budapest. MÜPA Budapest.

Street Musicians – Real Artists

Such a wonderful day!
Well the weather … was ok … not more …  no sunshine … but no rain … so just cope … I took a nice walk … passed the Spinoza café and ended up in Déak Tér … sat on a sofa and read my Carol Oates … and suddenly that happy rocky music …

these artists
so easy to fall in love with
I’m happily shooting

… in Rockabilly style. Now … afterwards … I regret I didn’t give any money … totally forgot when shooting … I use to give to artists … but never to beggars … not to passivity not to alcoholics … only to creativity …

Rockabilly Musicians in Déak Tér, Budapest. Rockabilly Musicians in Déak Tér, Budapest. Rockabilly Musicians in Déak Tér, Budapest.

Warning for Kale!

Yesterday I experienced a really strong controversy! So strong I had to take fatal action.

I went into the gallery of WordPress Themes … I do … now and then … since I get tired of the one used a while … and I want to try new …

some alternatives
really a lot of wp themes
to check out

… it was for another blog … not this one …

warning for one
named Kale will not work
proper at all

… while checking it out and doing my settings … it broke connection all the time … caused by it’s own building … too much to set … gave less to function … I had to delete it after a long time of persistent trying … so this is a warning … for …

Warning for Theme Kale at WordPress!

Daily Prompt: Controversy.

Milton och jag

Ramlade på … i en annan blogg … och förflyttades tillbaka … till oktober 2013 … Budapest … med Milton …

mitt sällskap
på vägen som vandras – där
också vila

… så roligt vi hade … tills … du blev anfallen av en lös rottweiler … och jag fick bära dig ut och hem på kissrundor …du repade dig snabbt … och sedan kom nästa chock … inför hemresan …

av de båda
valde jag det ena – passet
så fel

… jag hade helt enkelt tagit Daisys gamla pass … och inte ditt Milton … du fick din erforderliga spruta inför hemresan … och en nervös matte som sällskap … skulle de upptäcka … att du var pojk … med fel pass …

Vi kom båda hem … så lyckligt!

Milton i Budapest, oktober 2013.

Stop it! – Fair Service

fountain of feelings
a hit right into heart center
children too worthy

Well that’s what happened today! I just have to write about it. I bursted out like the most powerful fountain with hundres of jets. Just saying!

I had my walk in sadness today – like always – last day here – before I go back home – there. But in less than a month I will be back in – home here – again. That’s a small kind of comfort … very small though.

you beloved
city in center of all – culture
dearest in life

Well well … a wonderful day with sun and blue sky … in a long long walk … from one end to the other and also som curves here and there … when walking towards Liberty Bridge on a very busy street …. suddenly I see a man hitting his son … I couldn’t believe it! Then he hit him again … and so hard and furious. It was a family with four children. Youngest in a troller with the mum. I went up to the dad while he was hitting his son and I shouted:

-Stop it! Stop it!

The man looked at me and turned his back and walked away. One of the younger sons looked at me with astonished and large eyes. They all sneaked away but I took time to tell the dad that it was very very bad behavior. I was so angry! No one else reacted!

After a while … still thinking about the situation … I regret I didn’t ask the hitted boy if he was ok. Probably I too had been hit if done …

outstanding – most precious
our future

People are often cowards and fail in situations … I have experienced that myself … once in Naples, Italy … in daylight on a busy pavement … I was robbed … he pushed me forward and at the same time hold my arm … tore off my watch … ran away … I screamed … not a soul did a thing … that feeling … I will never forget … so I don’t like Italy … but had a nice time living with Saint Bridget (Birgitta) Systers both in Rome and Naples. That was a really memorable experience living with the Sisters. (Saint Birgitta) Sorry I couldn’t find a link to the Brigida house up on the hills above Naples – with spectacular view over city and Etna.

I could have written about the wonderful fountain on Margit Island. The dancing fountain.

drops of steps
actor in bewildering jets – true
art of balance


Carpe Diem: #1170 fountain.

Waves Unveiled

When the sun is shining … and it is 18°C … and there is an empty bench by the river Danube … and there is a perfect breeze … no body smoking around …

… when there is … like today …

body of roses
thoughts like happy piruetts
life is smiling

… a just so perfect day! Couldn’t be better. Well it could … if you were beside me …

ask me to cruise
all night long – loving
the upward curve

… I felt just crazy … in what was popping up … piruetting in my mind … I smiled … chuckled and giggled … crazy me … and I went on …

Well it would be nice to cruise on the Danube. In a nice room … in a pleasant bed … and with a sea view … of course …

a sip of nectar
a kiss of wild strawberry
my dizzy surrender

… with you … and your desire to … remember? …

waves unveiled
when string of kisses – opens
scent of violin flower

… I remember … clearly … like … a tip of tongue … remember … the taste of nectar.

Perfect Day by the Danube.

Time went quickly and I had to get my salmon at the great market before they close. I always plan somewhere in my head so I was close to the tram. Right tram for market.

Went home to secure the salmon in refrigerator and off I went to check the film shooting outside Opera. Than finally a glass of wine in Anna café on Váci. Such a perfect day!

And I got a little sunburn – red I suppose …