Crazy Art

I Pushed your Button

I pushed your button
I know I did
I did it so well

I know …

Maybe it was -my own button – I pushed !

Sometimes I think in Poetry – Live the Poetry – some say it’s the HAIKU way … and probably it is. I like it! My steps are poetry the haiku way. In a kind of artistic touch.

Today I thought … and was convinced about … that … if I had invested in … bet on … the artistry schooling from the beginning … I now would have been a great artist … I just know it …
I don’t regret anything! …. but there is a feeling of lack in my life … I should have filled it with my kind of art … from the beginning …

Crazy Art by me - I pushed your Button.

En Liten Punkt

Ibland tycker jag att …

livet är mellan
gråt och njutning – en omväxlande
liten punkt

… och hela tiden sörjer man för livet … vilket mystiskt uttryck i sammanhanget … nu!

Inte vill man sätta sin sista punkt – inte!

Crazy Art by me - Look Deeper than Surface.

Ps. Det blev ju nästan väldigt vemodigt och lite sorgligt … fast det inte alls känns så 🙂

Skrivpuff: Mystiskt.