Tags without Sense

Something I dislike a lot … so much … that … I hate it ….!!!! …. is …

to label a person
is going so very low – telling
tags without sense

… it is common in the Swedish ‘open’ debate … it’s a big differens to say … ‘you are’ … and … ‘you talk as …’

No person has the right to label another person!

When they go low – We go high!” Michelle Obama

Pine Tree dressed in ...

Daily Prompt: Label.

That Tea

I have a Japanese tea house close in Budapest. Last visit was the first too. Last in Budapest and first in the tea house. I will go back for sure.

that tea
tasting like a magnolia
is beautiful
when buds are gently opening
the first kiss of spring

64/5000 a pink arrow hit and the blooming magnolia attached on my chest

Carpe Diem #1146 Tea Ceremony.