TidsSträngade Stenar

Hon går längs stranden försjunken i sina tankar. Om här och nu. Då och där. Någonstans. Om hur stenar och molekyler förenar människor och liv i olika tider. Stenar som flyttats av väder och vind. Trampats på av olika fötter. I olika tider. Christa känner intensivt den förenande strängen med det som varit på ett sätt och det som nu är.

-Hur mycket är de syremolekylerna – jag just nu inandas – delade med andra som lever och har levat?
-Skulle man kunna sätta gps på syremolekyler?

Christa småler och njuter i sina halvtokiga funderingar där hon vandrar på tidssträngade stenar längs allt livs vatten.

Heltokiga är de ju inte. Det vet hon. Någon gång i framtiden har naturligtvis även syremolekyler gps. Det är hon alldeles övertygad om.

Stones of Life

Skrivpuff: Naturligtvis.

We Think Differently!

We think differently!

And of course it is perfectly OK!

We are different … though we are more alike than different …

Thoughts need to be reflected … the more the better … words and pencils are more creative and more human than bombs and swords … (mer…)

Thinking about …

Crista vaknade med en spännande tanke i sitt huvud. Det handlade om olika personligheter och hur spännande det är hur olika man fungerar, reagerar och tänker.

Hon ville inte lämna denna tanke utan fortsatte tänkandet i vaket tillstånd. Väl medveten om att hon inte var medveten om sina undermedvetna tankar i det sovande tillståndet.

-Kan man ändra sitt tänkande och sina reaktioner genom teknisk manipulation, undrade hon.

Christa tänkte på hur man mäter hjärnans aktivitet och ser var i hjärnan aktiviteten sker. När personer ställs inför olika situationer registreras hur olika hjärnorna fungerar. Alltså hur olika vi tänker och känner i situationer vi möter.

Christa tänker sig nu ett försök där man väljer en persons hjärnreaktion och kopplar den att stimulera en annan persons hjärna inför situationen. Försökspersonens hjärna stimuleras alltså på andra ställen än som skedde utan denna försöksmaskin.

Hela tanken med experimentet, enligt Christa, skulle vara att kunna tränga in i en annans människas huvud.

För en stund … försöka förstå …

Thinking about - Experiencing other's thinking.

Skrivpuff: Ändrade.

Every … but One

Like the magma … in body Earth … always is in move …

that deepest
thought about you and life
rests in silence

… also the ‘I’ … inside the body … is in constant move …

… like everything …

in the unknown
you need a compass – star
guide in silence
every sunflower – but one
turn towards the sun

… almost everything … everybody but one!

Every sunflower but one ...

Carpe Diem: #1174 Silence.

Love or?

… coming soon I think … continued from this about Love and Soul.

and about …..Love … versus … Relationship and Sex …

So … I think a lot happens along the life journey … different periods for love … in teenage … as married … a long marriage … a very long marriage … then free …

Before I wanted to ”fall in love” … and loved ”falling in love” … it was so exciting … and with ”falling in love” goes ”being blind” … that’s not so exciting … I don’t want to be blind …!… but … I don’t mind being a bit crazy …

Nowadays it is totally different … now counts … passion …. and … to love …
I don’t want … ‘lifelong love and marriage’ … I want to be free … I love my free life …

Very interesting I find … passion … and very wonderful too … because when feeling the passion … there is a really interesting man in front of you … is he … (and you together) … good at making love … it is just so perfect!

And in the meaning of … ”an interesting man” … is so different from person to person … what is required for me … to find a man interesting … today … ha ha … I’m smiling … I know … I know very well …
… the relationship and its content …

… but that will have to be a special chapter …

Remember … PASSION passion passion … and …. to LOVE … ❤ 


Crazy Art by me - Kissing lips

Record to be Recorded

Do you know any app … easy to use … so I can record … when out walking … because sometimes … it pops up poetry … in my head … and if I don’t catch them at once … I will forget them …

a record
of walking poetry – in need
to be recorded

… sometimes just funny thoughts … which I would like to think more about … and not forget either …

Today I thought … about something that happened to me several years ago … and I was sad about … then … I thought …. imagine I wanted this to happen … and I made it happen  … though I didn’t know I did … because it was my subconscious that was acting … in my favor …
-Why I thought like this?
-Well, thought about some signs … that could be interpreted that way … and then that odd thought poped up.

Fiskmås i Stadsparken, Citypark Lund, Sweden.

Daily Prompt: Record.

Heart in Love – Soul is Cool

About ”wounded heart” … sounds like it is something very hurtful … I don’t think a ”wounded heart” is a big problem … and I also think it’s something more related to the young period in life … Love comes and love disappears … and comes again … love is the surface feelings … and not the deeper … don’t let you down … maybe you are sad a moment … some days … you decide … you are on your life journey … love here and there is a softer seat … on some trips …

heart in love
when blood is flooding – hot
soul is cool

… nothing more … but beware of your soul … heart is easy to lose …

easy to lose
your heart for give-aways
soul is locked

… but don’t make it easy to lose your soul!

Crazy Art by me - Look Deeper than Surface.

Ps. … I have to go back later and look at my thoughts … written here … I think … maybe … perhaps … I am a little provocative … 😉

What do you think?

To be continued …. here ….

Carpe Diem #1171 Wounded heart.

Waterfall of Questions

I sat on the bench …. like so many other enjoying the sun … leaning my back on the Cathedral wall. Sometimes closing my eye to feel the sun in my face … even stronger … sometimes I watched people passing by … crossing the square … and I saw you …

a middle age couple
though looking older – facing
different ways

… you … the woman … covered up in clothes and veil … looking forward … eyes in walk direction … not at us  … and … your man … beside … looking att us … all the way while walking … watching us … sitting on the bench … in clothes we have chosen ourselves … and with our hair free for the sun and the wind … some with boyfriends … some with girlfriends … and me just alone …

my thoughts
about your thoughts – two
patterns of life requirements

… requirement by yourself, by somebody else or by something else … like culture, religion, or what so ever …

– What were you – veiled woman – thinking? I wondered.
– What did you think about your man looking at … and so interested in us?
Maybe you thought about us as ‘hores’ … I know some do … both men and women … no that is not what I am curious about … giving other people etikettes … that’s low …
I am curious about what you really was thinking … about … our different terms of life styles … the free and the one with many requirements … and having a man obviously interested in other women …

why stand up
for a man interested in other – women
in unveiled eyes

… probably your are … not free … to talk about … what you fell and think …

Life  conditions are so different!

I would never stand with a man … thinking he could tell me … how to live my life!


Street Photography

Daily Prompt: Pattern.

A Fountain of Questions

I was in good time. Didn’t forget anything … so far … noticed … I had problem about how to dress for the journey. That’s because I travel with only handbagage and no suitcase to check in. Some things are more important than other. Like my Canon, my Mac and their need. And today also …

in your eyes
a picture of you – exposed
a jiffy childhood

… a pair of high heel boots. Bought in Budapest. My feet are very picky and it’s more difficult and much more expensive to find back home.

After some hundreds of deep quiet sighs I’m finally on the airplane … sitting beside a very handsome young man … with a great inviting smile … and wow …

trigger trembling
viewfinder fighting – target
turn on the music

… now I am in trouble … and a lot of thoughts appear … I turn on my spotify list and shut my eyes … but cannot help glancing now and then at ….

caring arms
dressed in dark charm – feelers
how thrillingly

… now my sister would smile … cause she know … I smile too … and now I think of … coming closer now … sex-gender-harassment …
I know more about harassment towards females … but what about males?

Now I will be clear … right on the point! … but mind … about this there are a lot of ‘if’s …. a whole lot of! … perhaps I should call this entry … The ‘if’ challenge?

Point: I think men’s dark hairy arms are sexy … especially dressed in ‘just enough rolled up white shirt’ … this man had very sexy arms … indeed!
I almost wanted to tell him how sexy arms he had … it was then I turned on my music in my earphones … and got a lot of questions in my mind …

… about when is it sex harassment? Can it be about arms?
If … I say to him … Nice arms you have!
If … I say to him … You have sexy arms!
If … I say to him … Wow I love your sexy arms!

… or does sex harassment has to point gender characteristics … like tits, butts, pussy, cock, dong, penis …

Think I am doing some good work here … broadening debate about men and their sex appeal … for women 😉
I think … men think … their broad shoulders are sexy – but no!

Of course one essential question is … why should I say anything to him … I didn’t of course … !!! … just thinking … wondering how he would react …. think that’s what I am curious about.

How would a man react? …. We know too little about that,  I think. I would certainly have liked to talk about it with the man … talked about reactions and situations, sex and gender … without intention of any doings in that field … but that could be nice too of course …

You know … that I am …  ‘writing my thinking’ … but in this case I also would like  …. ‘talking my thinking’ …

sitting beside
you attractive man – music
my hide-away


Carpe Diem: #1170 fountain.

Inte så Tänd på

Nu precis när jag läste utmaningen ”turas om” tänkte jag …

-Går det att turas om med sig själ?
-Hur går det i så fall till?

… allting går ju … bara man är tillräckligt fantasifull … vill jag tro … och leva efter …

Om jag till exempel måste städa och samtidigt har en spännande bok som vill bli läst … då kan jag turas om med mig själv …

Med mitt inre borde – städa … och mitt fria (lust) bejakande – läsa  …

Fast egentligen är jag nog inte så tänd på att turas om med mig – bara med den ena delen i så fall.

me - some years ago

Skrivpuff: Turas om.

Writing the Thinking

I just loved this episode Chèvrefeuille! And I also find Basho the master of masters when it comes to haiku. Oh what a wonderful place he came from. Would love to visit Mie Prefecture.

rocky beauty
in surrounding waves – connection
eternity to see/a

I could also write …

beauty rocks
the power of creation – nature
for hearts

Lack of nature …
That’s a real problem in our world! …. I think … young people more interesting in their smartphones … tapping tangents … playing video games … often about battles … but also building societies … in that technic world … totally lost from the real … such a loss …

What will happen with the field of relations … ability to make close human relationships … ”I wonder … wonder I do” ….

However I am sure the young people will get skills in special fields and that their brains find corners waiting to be developed … which are more or less sleeping in our brains …

I am just as sure about how happy I am for my connection to nature. Half of me grown up in a city – with my parents – the other half growing up in nature in the deepest forest – with my aunt and uncle. My uncle was my master …. life and living, creativity, imagination, intelligence, smart solutions, philosophy, attention about what’s got real value, …  I am so thankful!

walking life’s track
covered with spruce and pine – needles
in pace with ants


And from other point …

living life
in that square box – only
games flashing minds

Street Photography - iPhone Focus.

I am amazed about how short periods – here and there – during a lifetime can characterize and form ones personality. I know very well what has influenced me during life.

What has influenced Basho – delivered from him to us … to enjoy and find so inspiring … that’s … his … ”eternal life” … one influence to another  … isn’t it beautiful …
(… but I know it also has a dark side … that influences … making life so hard for some … not to forget … )

I love thinking and writing … or … for me … I think … writing the thinking … with a big smile …

BR - Glimten i ögat

 Carpe Diem #1162 Ueno Iga Province,
birthplace of Basho.

Loving to Love and Live

Beautiful HAIKU by ©Chèvrefeuille

ancient warriors
between battle and peace
writing haiku         

Warriors – how odd it can be – are symbols of opposites – bad and good – death and life – force and romance – …
Samurais are warriors – I wonder if they are associated with romance in the Japanese litteratur?

I have often wondered why women – some – are attracted to bad warriors. Once I wrote a letter to a man in prison. I knew who he was and I felt sorry for him. I don’t remember what he had done but it wasn’t anything like murder. There are many women writing to men in prisons – often they don’t know them. Why? Many women fall in love with gang members. Brutal men. Why?
Why don’t they set limits for behavior and actions!? I did when I was young.

the warrior
in true life of living – takes
action for love

Now maybe you think I have left my limits behind?
Some of them I have … some of them were to restrictive … some are still convenient.
I have let myself free – much more free than I was when young. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

my warrior
in possession of – a heart
I can read
clearly – the gentle kindness
about loving to – love and live

Imagine … if all soldiers and warriors … were fighting for more kindness and mor genuin love … fighting for …

… more of … Loving to Love and Live …


I tried to translate Lars Winnebäcks ”No Soldier” to English … this is the most beautiful peace song ever written … I think. Here is his song and my translation.

Carpe Diem: #1144 Samurai.

Hacking Humans

In times – now – when war is about hacking. Hacking into computers, hacking into elections, hacking into …. sounds almost like hacking has become automatic. Automatically interfere into other’s business.
So next step – I think – will be …

birth and death
automatic constants in nature
also erasing

… hacking into humans. Like making tomatoes taste more. To hack into humans you only need the carefully prepared food to make people like, behave and vote as you wish. Scientifically it’s possible of course. Just a matter of time.
So beware about what you put into your body!
The history of hacking has started.
-The destructive human – so sad!

Dessert - Crème Brulé

Daily Prompt: Automatic.
Skrivpuff: Historik.

Helt snurrigt!

Jag har gjort ett avtal med mig själv. Jag ska skriva ner alla bra tankar. Innan har de försvunnit helt när jag skulle haft användning för dem. Borttappade. Det är väldigt irriterande.

-Tänk om någon annan hittar min tanke! vilken fasansfull tanke. Den tappade jag inte bort. Det är inte lite märkligt med tankar. Jag har alltid undrat vad de består av. En gång var vi i tider när man inte visste att ljud bestod av vågor i luften. Uttynande vågor som aldrig tar slut. Någonstans där ute finns rester av alla ljud samlade. Eller inte. Atmosfären är kanske inte den rätta.

-Är det likadant med tankar, undrar jag.

-Kanske är det en tidigare världs samlade tankar som blev ”the big bang”. Det snurrar och far i en väldig fart där ute. Precis som tankarna i mitt huvud. En del vilda som tar egna vägar. Andra samlade runt olika ämnen. Som om de var sökande efter rätta svar. Undrar vad månen söker för svar om jorden? Medan jorden själv solar sig i andras tankar omkring ett brinnande ämne.

uppdraget utfört
en puff  tänkt i nedtecknad stil
helt snurrigt

Ps. Må ha sin förklaring. Glömde att kolla klockan när den ringde, steg upp, lagade kaffe och bredde mina frö knäcke. Satte mig tillrätta för lugn frukost i god tid innan hemfärden skulle påbörjas.
Sååååå god tid var det ju inte tänkt! Klockan var 23:19 – den tid när nyheterna är på engelska i ungerska TVn. Jag hade glömt radera 23:19 när jag lade mig tidigare än vanligt. Trodde det var 05:45. Nu är klockan 02:56.
Jag har alltid hatat akademiska kvartar. Kan ni förstå det?

Earth Speed - Det Snurrar

Skrivpuff: Avtala.

Budapest and the Chain Bridge - Uniting Buda and Pest

Bridges that Unite

You love the mountains. I love the sea. Both love adventures in the promising horizon. Both love to be part in each other’s worlds. Togetherness in sharing. Apartness in longing.

”When the sky touches the earth there is true love” our kisses whisper to the stars.

a single star
hit by the whispering kisses
fell down
true love secured
receipt from the sky

Close together – on the savory rocky beach or in the fragrant highland meadow – there always are stars in the sky. And bridges that unite.

Sometimes I am not initially fully aware about what my thinking and words create. Seems like my inner mind – my subconscious – also is working but I don’t realize it until afterwards – like here in this post. It is so united everything. I make upp the story about he and she. With no thinking about Budapest. As no sea and no mountains. And then i fits perfect with Buda’s hilly side and Pest’s flatland. And on top of the cake – the statue 😉

It’s not the first time this happens. 

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.” Nicholas Sparks

This piece of art on Gellert Hills shows Buda (king) and Pest (queen) uniting – Budapest.

Budapest - Uniting Buda and Pest
Carpe Diem #1112 Music For
The Royal Fireworks by Händel.