Choosing Color in BW

I really like this function a lot! My Power Shot G12 allows me to pick a color to save. I can pick any color I want. Here I choose three different colors.

Save one color to BW.Save one color to BW.Save one color to BW.Save one color to BW.

Something very Beautiful

There is something very beautiful with an old couple … growing old together! This is something I have always liked and every time I see a couple like this i feel so much warmth in my heart. I am thinking about old couples – relatives of mine … I really admire men and women who values the lifelong marriage together and find it worth struggling for.

Imagine … growing old together … a life long journey together … so special and so beautiful ❤

This lovely couple is looking at the Opera House in Budapest. I guess they are thinking about special memories connected to happenings in this fantastic building.

A beautiful old couple in Budapest.