Lund today

Street Photo Lund City © Birgitta Rudenius

Orosmoln över Lund.
Domkyrkans torn i bakgrunden – framåt mot Stortorget.

Är så nöjd med dagens foto med objektivet EF 50mm F/1.4 USM. 
I veckan anländer säkert mitt nya EF 35mm.

He is while not

he is – not sitting in the lake – while he is

Skrivpuff: Skenet bedrar.

”Sitta i sjön” – Sitting in the lake – in Sweden means to have some kind of problem.

Han sitter inte i sjön (har inga problem) men sitter i sjön (och fiskar). Skenet bedrar i ord och bild gemensamt ….. kanske …. ?

Foto taget idag vid Snogeholmssjön.

Love is All

”Here is the quote to work with for today’s episode:

[…] ”Love is an act of faith and its face should always be covered in mystery. Every moment should be lived with feeling and emotion because if we try to decipher it and understand it, the magic disappears.” […] (Source: Paulo Coelho – The Spy)

Love …”

in your arms
the mystery of eternity
love is all

Purple Street Love

Carpe Diem: #1318 Love is a mystery.

Passport to Spring

Just a wonderful day today … in Lund … Sweden … All the students were out in the city … enjoying the sun … some with a bottle of wine …

all the chatting
like ripple on the sea surface
when eyes are shut

… in the centre square … like a passport into the spring …
…. where I too …. enjoyed the sun.

Stortorget in Lund, Sweden.

Daily Prompt: Passport.

Det blir som det blir

Lilla Klara satt i sitt kök. Hon höll till mest i köket numera. Ville inte bemöda sig med att värma rummet och elda i kakelugnen. Eller orkade hon inte. Hon funderade inte så mycket på det. Inte nu längre.

-Det blir som det blir, tänker hon i var och varannan tanke.

Lilla Klara sitter för det mesta ensam i sitt kök. Barnen hör sällan – ja nästan aldrig – av sig numera. Och barnbarnen har sitt. Ganska länge försökte Klara hålla kontakterna levande. Både före hon blev ensam och länge efter.

Hon kom till och med ihåg namnsdagar och skickade ofta kort och brev. Själv fick hon inga. Inga samtal heller.

Det snöar ute ser hon och tänker:

-Det blir som det blir.

Det behöver ändå inte skottas till brevlådan.

Street Photo - Stop Hand

Skrivpuff: Klara satt i sitt kök.

Police tank at Christmas Market Budapest

The Weakest Strength

First I must say – Kristjaan – Host of Carpe Diem – You are fantastic! This journey you bring us on is amazing. Music and poetry goes very well along and you put such an effort in this – I would never have known about so many talanted female composers if not for you. You are my HERO of December – Just saying!!!!!

Now – just at home after visiting an art auction and passing through the greatest Christmas Market in Budapest – …. oh so many new experiences … !!! – I sit down and turn on the music – and the first feeling I get is – this touches my soul!

And in the other end – of cyber – my granddaughter – she just sent a new song -she recorded- to me. She sings and play the guitar and the piano. So lovely!

My senses are overwhelmed – and I love it!

with music
comes the strongest weakness
a spider leg


with music
comes the weakest strength
a spider web

I like when contrasts meet. It’s challenging and exciting. And a great start for ….

 Carpe Diem: #1102
Symphony No. 4 Op. 50 by Johanna Senfter.

Crazy Art by me - Swinging my Life

My Holy Three – x3x3x3

  1. Fortune about substance – Fortune about happiness – Fortune about experiences.
  2. Body – Heart – Soul
  3. Needs – Emotions – Reason (3Brains: Reptile – Limbic system  – Neocortex)

What’s directing in different situations? 

That’s an important question to reflect about. I think people are far too much focused on tw0 and not the third.

The pedophile – by needs and body pleasure – reptile brain.
The terrorist – by emotions –
The atheist – by reason –

Why do more and more people get immensely fat? – And the TV love to make programs about it! Why?

Why do people turn to extreme collectors and why do people buy all kinds of things they don’t really need? – And TV love to make programs about it! Why?

Why isn’t reason ruling our lives? Is it to blame somebody else?

Well I cannot change the world – I can try … but ….!

My life is in my hands – or correctly – my way of living my life is in my hands. So if I value myself I just have to take care of myself. I ought to find out what is important in life. Not just to me! Not just for me! What’s most important in life! One must find out for oneself. And at the same time – hopefully – be a resource for others.

How should I live my life so I can be proud of myself, stay healthy and enjoy every day as much as possible.

I think I am rather good att living my life. I don’t need a lot of things and clothes but I need my Canon, Mac, iPad and iPhone 😉
I have been a hard working woman all my life and now I enjoy after_work 😉
Since I love to watch phenomena in everyday life, people and their behavior …. and since I love all kinds of performing arts, music and culture …. Budapest is the right place for me. In Sweden I could neither have the possibility nor afford because of distance and costs. My program 2016 and now started up 2017.

And I can choose when I want to be in the crowd and when I want to be in my own space.

Now before Christmas there are more than 1 million turists in Budapest. Safe and sound – so far!

Daily Prompt: Fortune.

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