Lavendel och kålfjäril

Like Snow in Sunshine

No snow here – yet. And I am glad for that. I have already had all snow I need in this life. Now I only want sunshine and a blue sky. Not for sunbathing! Just for feeling-so-good. And that awesome feeling with less clothes – I hate winter clothes and I hate putting on and putting on to keep warm! Now I am heading for spring in my mind so I have already bought tickets for Dance festival in February and Spring festival in April.
Anybody wants to join?

spread out
like snow in sunshine
butterfly wings

And that Christmas! I’m not in stress – lucky me – the only stress I feel is that I couldn’t find Jane Reichhold’s translation of Matsuo Basho. They didn’t even know about the book!!!! Have to wait until I am back home – in Scandinavia. No Christmas present to me then. Have to do with goat cheese, kolbasz, seed crackers and red wine …. and of course Carpe Diem. Maybe Carol Oates too 😉

Carpe Diem: Seven Days Before Christmas 2016 #4 first snow.

Macro Butterfly

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